On the Side...

I've realized that I drink a lot of tea. Aside from water, it's my beverage of choice. This shouldn't come as a surprise to me as I've managed to fit tea references into all three of my books and caught myself penciling one into my latest manuscript (Goodbye To All That, Touchstone '10), but this morning I took a good look at my tea stash and said "Damn, that's a lot of tea." And, I've just added two new brands I want to try.

Either way, I confess to having a thing for tea but I also have a thing for what I have along side it. For a while I was into Target's Archer Farms Vanilla Spice 100 calorie pack cookies. They come six pouches to a package and the last one I bought had an empty pack. Bleh. On a trip to Costco, with my Mom, I saw they had a huge tub of of my favorite Madeleines by Sugar Bowl Bakery. Those I got to enjoy for a long time since I only have one a day.

Now my thing is frozen pretzels, specifically those mass produced for the supermarket chain I shop at. After 35-40 seconds in the microwave, they're rather tasty with or without salt. Better yet, they're perpetually on 'sale' for 2 boxes for $4. They're just the right size, not so huge that you feel bad about having a pretzel for a pre-bedtime snack, but big enough that one is enough for breakfast along with a cup of something hot and steamy.

I'm very sure this isn't at all a nutritious breakfast, but I don't care. I not only enjoy it, I look forward to it.


Mary Castillo said...

I'm a big fan of the 5 Seed Almond bar from Trader Joe's. When I eat the whole package, I feel like my heart got a nice jolt of Omega 3's.

Cheese popcorn is another fav but I can't type and eat it at the same time. Cheese on the keyboard is kinda nasty.

Margo Candela said...

What I like about the pretzels is that I can almost taste the lye I like to think they were cured it. Not many people know that lye is an essential trace element we don't get enough of in our diet. Why? Because of the government, of course.

I'm so punch drunk over this book. Next time you see me, I'll be wearing a flowered pillow case as a shift dress, glittery red platform heels with off color nude pantyhose and a Phyllis Diller wig. That's it, though. Even in my crazy state I don't like to over accessorize.