For Your Ears

Every Friday I try to stay in bed until 7:25. That's when my local public radio station plays the Story Corps segment. What it is, basically, is a couple of people, normal real people, talking about something little or significant that happened in their lives. They have an archive of stories on their site and one of my favorites, linked below, involved a dad and algebra. I swear, I was bawling by the end of it and still cry every time I hear it.

They've also come out with a book that would make a fine gift for someone who likes to read about real people or for someone who is so deluded about their own self-importance that just giving them the book will go over their head and prove your point that they're shallow and suck. Which, really, helps no one, but I'm a big fan of giving books because gift certificates are just so impersonal. And, you never know, that shallow friend or family memeber of yours may regift it to someone who really apperciates it.

Story Corp is sort of what This American Life was before it became so overly trite that it's now virtually impossible to for me to listen to. They seemed to have confused self-involved narrators who are in love with the sound of their own voice telling pointless stories with carefully chosen music interludes. The last time I listen to more than 30 seconds of TAL was when they were, yes, playing Story Corp snippets. Though I've closed my ears to the This American Life broadcast, I do have the Showtime television version of it in my Netflix queue. I'm curious to see if it translates and maybe the obnoxiousness of the radio version work on the screen. If it doesn't, too bad.

At least I always have 7:25 on Friday mornings to look forward to.

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