Cheap Date

As a married lady efforts have to be made to, like, do the stuff that resulted in the marriage in the first place. Yes, I'm talking about going on dates, or rather fake dates since we'll be coming back to our mortgaged home and yappy dog with a sleepy kid in tow. We're going to go see a movie that has an above PG-13 rating and eat all the stuff we tell the kid is bad for him and should be avoided.

At my insistence, we're taking in a showing of I Love You, Man. And since I'll be forced to venture out in public, I may as well take the opportunity to upgrade from my usual uniform of jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt. Well, my version of upgrading at least. And since I'm trying (really, trying) to be thrifty, all components of my date outfit will be coming out of my closet.

From Top Left: A tank should be simple, tag free and there's really no reason to spend more than $20 on one. This basic as can be Merona tank is $8.99 which means I got two for the price of one at Target. Sweaters, and OK shoes, are the one place where I don't mind spending more. But what I really like is whey I get the sweater I want on sale. The v-neck cashmere sweater from Express started out at $168 but I got if for something close to $50 because I waited long enough for it to get ridiculously marked down.

From Left Bottom. It's taken me a while, but I've finally purchased an honest-to-god pair of leggings. (Old Navy, of course, and only 10 freaking bucks!) I've avoided this trend because just like shrugs (remember those?), there's no point in investing in a trend that you can't wear to walk the dog in the dead of night a month after. Maybe it's L.A. but leggings are still going strong along with Uggs, but I won't be touching those. Not even to shuffle around the house in. Since it'll drizzle a bit tomorrow I'm going to justify hauling out my hunter boots, which are surprisingly comfortable, $114 via

Yes, I'm stressing put together comfort over overtly sexy but, really, isn't that the best thing about being married? You get to wear something that makes you happy and watch an R rated movie once in a while.

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