Bad Reviews

Bad reviews happen to every author and it's something you get used to. You read them and then move one but sometimes you don't. I admit to checking my Amazon ranking for Underneath It All, Life Over Easy and More Than This just as a time waster and to see how they're doing. Lately UIA and LOE have been leaving MTT in the dust which is funny because UIA has a pretty bad cover and LOE suffers from middle child syndrome.

Life Over Easy came out after my beloved editor left Kensington for Simon & Schuster so it was basically orphaned. It got very little in-house support and had such a tiny initial run, it eventually went into a second printing. Still, despite or because of this, LOE is my sentimental favorite of my three (soon to be four as soon as I get back to what I'm supposed to be doing) novels.

So when I saw LOE had another review, it's second!, and the reader/reviewer dismissed the whole novel because she got bent way out of shape over three words, I took the time (much to much of it) to comment on her review. I did!

Now there really was no point in my replying or even acknowledging it. As the sister said, "You can't comment on every bad review" and I don't plan to. The reader/reviewer is more than entitled to her opinion but I felt what she said was just off base enough for me to answer her charge that I was, in my own little way, being racially divisive.

As if I had the time to be! I'm too busy trolling Amazon and fretting about my rankings.

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Olivia Wilder said...

I read the review. The person who wrote it is one of those I referred to in my tweet. The "T-S-ers" (thin-skinned) that so many people have become. Sad, really. I wouldn't even consider that review as a grain of sand on the beach of your career.