Yummy Nuts

Now that I'm getting a monthly does of Shape magazine in the mail, I've been forced to admit or at least acknowledge that food and fitness go together. Lucky for me, Shape is big fat endorser of snacking on nuts. I love nuts. There was a time when my late afternoon snack was a handful of grapes with walnut halves. People used to comment it was healthy, but I used to snack on it because it tasted good. (I was also living largely diary free at the time and my skin never looked better.)

Now that I'm older and jaded, I can't be bothered to put that much effort into what I pop into my mouth, but I still like to munch on nuts. This is why I was willing to take a chance on a can of Blue Diamond almonds in the (Bold) Lime 'n Chili flavor. Prices vary but I just paid almost $3.69 for a 6 oz. can at the supermarket because I just had to have 'em. In the future, I'll be shopping around for a better price and then buying in bulk.

Growing up, we used to eat lots of stuff that involved combinations of the sweet, sour, hot, tangy and salty. BD almonds in Lime 'n Chili satisfy that particular taste bud I doubt I'll ever outgrow. I'm sure I should be snacking on dry roasted, unsalted nuts to fit the Shape guidelines, but at around 170 calories for a whopping 28 nuts, I think they'd cut me some slack. A girl has got to get her nut fix somewhere, right?

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