Water, Water, Water

I remember a time when people only drank water because there wasn't any cold Pepsi around. Growing up the only time I can ever had a gulp of something that wasn't chock full of syrup and sugar was when I had a drink of lukewarm water from the hose. And that was only because I was too busy playing to go inside for a can of soda.

Around the time that my Mom and sisters got really hardcore into Diet Coke, I started to look around for something else to drink. (For whatever reason, I never acquired a taste for the stuff. Not like my family, though. Once I went to the supermarket with my Mom and sister and they were so desperate for a hit of Diet Coke that they opened a can and drank it as I wheeled the cart a safe distance away from them.) As my years of pounding Pepsi's grew, my tolerance for colas lessened to where I now actually have to brace myself up to take an occasional swig of one.

Mostly I drink water, lots of it, but I've never been a fan of buying water in plastic bottles. Not just because it's expensive and wasteful, mostly it's due to the slightly funky taste that goes with them. Until I 'discovered' Klean Kanteens, I'd been using a scummy plastic sports bottle but never again. Prices and sizes vary, but of all the dumb things I've ever put money down on, my 40 oz stainless steel Klean Kanteen hasn't been the smartest. (Prices vary, as do sizes and style so it pays to check around.)

I think Klean Kanteens are so smart so nifty that they've become my new go-to gift to give. My mother still drinks Diet Coke, but she's also taken to carrying around those mini plastic bottles of water. So this year instead of something boring like flowers, which I'll still get her, I'm gifting my Mom the gift of water in the form of a 12 oz size Klean Kanteen with a No. 7 insulated tote, just because I love her and I think it's really cute. And if she loses it, as the sister says she will, oh well. I'll just get her another for her birthday...

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