Shine On

When I was growing up my two older sisters were deep into the punk scene, at least as deep a couple of catholic gals from Northeast L.A. could be. They did the whole unflavored gelatin in the hair thing, wore only black and eschewed the sun. To help with the pasty process they'd bury their skin under Max Factor Pan-Stik foundation set with copious amounts of Coty Airspun loose powder. Color would come from very wrongly red lipstick...which is one of the reasons I have never worn red lipstick until I found Laura Mercier's Lip Kisses in Heat Wave. It's not even red, but as the copy reads, a sheer rose-brown.

Either way, from my sisters I learned to stay away from thick pan stick foundation, scented loose powder and red-red lipstick. Consequently, I've lived most of my years with a lot of blotchy, colorless shine until I found a remedy to one of my many issues--blotting papers to, uh, blot me. What these things do is soak up oil without disturbing make-up. And if you go through the trouble of putting some on, the last thing you want to do is mess it up or have to apply another layer of the stuff. (Pulling out compacts to powder one's nose may seem like such a 1950's thing to do because it is. Nowadays women are supposed to have naturally flawless looking skin with the aid of foundations and concealers that promise deliver non-make-up looking results.)

Anyway, back to blotting papers. There all sorts out there. From the slightly high tech looking and feeling (Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, $5.29 for 50 sheets) to the lux (Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper, $17 for 100 sheets), but I've stuck with the plain and simple tissue powder free tissue type blotters from The Body Shop, below. They're the right size to take care all of my shiny bits, priced right ($10 for two packs of 65) and come in handy for wrapping chewed up gum in.

I'm not sure why at my age, shiny skin is still an issue. But I am sure I'll enjoy a short period of time when my skin is perfect (right before I hit menopause and will then have to scrounge my pennies to pay for Creme de la Mer) but until that time comes, I'm happy with my not at all fancy blotting papers. Next to my bright pink o.b. carrying case, it's the only extra I never leave my house without.

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