Not So Frivolous

For all those who think Los Angeles is nothing but a land of dumb blonds and greased up hunks who tralalala around in perfect 80 degree weather, you're wrong. For the most part. At least about the weather.

Lately, we've been having real actual weather. OK, a foot of snow isn't falling, hurricanes and tornadoes are movie and TV plot devices, but it's been raining. Like really raining. Raining often and hard enough that I've avoided having to wash my car since December. Nature's been doing it for free. (I can only hope that a mini-tornado sweeps through the inside of it and cleans up all the bits and pieces that have accumulated since last year.)

Having spent a very formative decade in San Francisco, one thing I got used to was walking. Even if you did drive somewhere in the city, chances were you'd have to hike back from your parking spot to where you wanted to go in the first place. There was a glorious period when I walked about an hour or so day, after getting off the train, to get to where I worked. Along with my monastically regular workouts and still pulsating metabolism, I could chow down on just about anything I wanted.

Now that I live in Los Angeles again, I have to justify any trip I take on foot. Sincerely, people do not understand why I would prefer to walk a walkable distance instead of drive there. With the sudden influx of weather, rain specifically, it's been a little hard to try and make non-walkers see the true wonderfulness of getting somewhere on their own two feet. So I did what any rational person would do, I spent over $100 on rain boots. And I was totally influenced by the media to do it. (Check out the gal in the yellow boots.)

When I made the momentousness decision to purchase my very first pair of rain boots, I'd gone with a pair by Kate Spade. Once ordered, the sister came up with all sorts of other options that only helped me decide to return the KS boots once I tried them on. They looked, well, too juvenile.

Even before I'd packed them back in the box, I'd ordered, from, a pair of Hunter Originals in green, $114. I was a bit intimidated by the 16" shaft (who wouldn't be? That's a lot of shaft, ladies and gents) and almost went for the 14" Huntress version, sized specifically for the shorter calfed and women. In the end, I went with the big guns and they come just a couple inches below my knee. I can walk through the deepest of puddles and still keep my knees dry, but they're awkward to drive in them so I don't. (Which would defeat the purpose of rain boots, right?)

As for what I wear on top, I went for a trench, to replace the Zara trench which even I have to admit doesn't close around the bust as it should. Not only did I buy a trenchy trench coat from Old Navy, khaki, $49.50, I made a trip there especially to get it. I settled on a medium so I could layer a sweater underneath (usually either a ragged gray hoodie or my truly horrible 'writing' sweater') without looking like a East Coast longshoreman and still button it up. But not all the way up--that's just dorky.

So while people may stare at me for walking in the rain, at least I know (think? hope?) I look good doing it.

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