New Site Coming Not So Soon

With everything that has and hasn't been happening, I've been neglecting my site, especially the News section. There is a lot of overlap between what goes there and what winds up here, my life isn't very exciting, so most times something newsworthy, or at least my standard of such, winds up on my blog instead of the page on my site dedicated to it.

Long story short, I've been hankering for a while to tweak the design of my site, combine pages (About and Contact, Books and Press) and get rid of some (not some, just the News page). Right now I don't have the brain power to spare to get involved in that or even provide the designer with a vague idea of what I want it to look like, but I do know I want my site to look different but with the same vibe. (How's that for a flaky writer?) Until that happens, I'll be leaving my official site alone and posting here as usual. Except! I made a quickie little graphic to use when I have an actual newsy type of item to post. So the news is that I made a news graphic...and, yes, I'm supposed to be working on my revise right now.

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