Everyone in the Tub

It's a fact of (Western) life that at some point in the day, you'll have to take a shower or, if you have the time, a nice bath. One of my dreams, and I don't have many, is to have a walk-in steam shower. Wasteful and expensive? Yes. But on the other hand, it would make life oh so much nicer even if one would add a big chunk of time to showering.

I'm not into dry heat, saunas, because they're, well, dry. I was born, raised and live in Los Angeles and have lived through plenty of dry hot summers. It just doesn't feel great and the last thing I'd want to do is build a room in my house where I could experience the same. At the same time, I once waded through the streets of New Orleans in July, didn't find it too fun, but I know the difference between crushing heat and humidity and therapeutically scented clean steamy water.

Until such time as I can pay for gutting one if not both of my houses bathrooms, I'll make do with my regular tub/shower combo and my new favorite way to soap up, Ivory Moisturizing Body Wash.

I'd dabbled with other body washes, from Caresse to Philosophy, and only picked up a bottle of Ivory because it was, yes, on sale. Ever since then I've been buying two at a time. (Either in the Simply scent, which I'm afraid is being replaced by Fresh Snow or Aloe). Just like the copy on the bottle reads, it has just enough scent, is slick enough to use for shaving and makes bubbles that don't overwhelm. Plus it's priced right, between $3-4 at my local Target. As a bonus, it's a decent bubble bath in a pinch. I couldn't ask for more from a 24 oz. bottle of mass produced product and, when I do get my dream bathrooms, I wouldn't doubt if I still kept buying the stuff. It's just that nice.

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TitansFan said...

I love my Steam Shower! It is the multipurpose bathroom tornado. I always feel energized after using it. I feel cleaner and I always sleep better after using the whirlpool tub.