Entertainment Economics

Have you heard about the, like, economy? If not, let me break the bad news. The economy is in a deep and prolonged sucky funk. Everything is beyond blah. People are losing their jobs and worse, they aren't shopping like they're supposed to.

Me, I've put blinders on and am wearing the $114 sneakers to prove it. So you can't blame the state of things on me. No way. But I did have to make one money based concession to the times. Today I canceled HBO which means I won't be able to watch one of my favorite shows (Flight of the Conchords) until it comes out on DVD. I'll rent via Netflix instead of buying it at Target because that's the smart thing to do even if it means I'll have to wait forever to see it. Please allow me a moment to sniffle and wipe my suddenly watery eyes...

Thank you.

It's not that I'm not aware of what it costs to live, I'm not that far out of touch with reality. It's just, as a writer whose been at this author thing full time for a few years now, I'm used to feeling every penny that passes through my clenched fingertips. I've gotten used to the idea of being poor. Purchasing $114 sneakers just because I freakin' felt like it not withstanding. I like to joke that my steadily shrinking bank account where my piddly advance is on life support is my waxing fund and I don't wax that often. The truth is, I could most likely find a job that pays, if not more, does so at least on a regular basis. But then how would I show up on Friday morning for the first matinee of the day if I was working 9 to 6 or 7 job instead of doing my part to keep the engine that drives our country, nay, the world? OK, if I worked at the movie theater, I could be there, but that's beside the point.

I'm prepared to make some sacrifices. I've made sacrifices but I never thought it would be HBO. Sure, I only watched Flight of the Conchords on HBO, but just the other day I caught an episode of In Treatment and I was hooked. I guess I'll have to Netflix that one, too. And, if it comes down to me getting a job or nixing Netflicks...I'll have to really think long and hard about that one.

03/10/09 Post Script:
Scrolling through my newly pared channel offerings, I noticed, to my horror, that AMC and FineLiving had fallen victim to the cheaper package. As had Style. Again, I only watch one show on each channel but I really don't think I can wait to see the next season of Mad Men on DVD. Though I can wait until it starts airing again to add AMC a la cart. As for FineLiving, I can't get my Sarah Richardson fix anywhere else (unless I move to Canada and it's way too cold in Canada) so FL might be joining the fold a lot sooner. Like before Sunday when her shows come on.

I do have to admit that I've been watching Running in Heels on Style, but I know I'll be a better person for excising that show and entire network from my life. It's obvious what the producers want, conflict, and they picked three young women who are eager to provide it. One of them lives in such a naked state of hateful over achiever success anxiety, I can't believe her parents' didn't try to channel all that awful energy into something constructive like cage fighting or, at least, dissuade her from revealing the ugly truth about her personality for a television show. Though I've only watched two episodes, they both left a nasty taste in my mouth. The same one I get when I succumb to watching women rip each other apart for a man who is never going to marry them on The Bachelor. (Really, ladies, who is going to want to hire you, much less marry you, when they've seen you back stabbing another person?) So I'm good with having no Style. Really. As for The Bachelor, it's on ABC and I don't have to pay for that brain numbing luxury. I think I'll be set on degrading female entertainment once the next season starts.

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