Because It's Friday...

...this post is going to be all about Schubert.

This is the poor dear after a trip to the groomer where someone was channeling Three's Company and styled her up like a canine version of Chrissy Snow. She looks a bit put upon, but she's generally a very mellow sweet tempered dog, if slightly on the dim bulb side. (Just like Chrissy Snow!)

We found her, or rather I did, at a rescue fair and even though I was reluctant to take on the responsibility of a dog, the second I saw her, I knew she was the one. As I was driving her home, all drugged and loopy, from the snip-snip clinic (as a shelter dog, she had to get fixed before they'd release her), Schubert came on to the radio and just like that, I knew it would be her new name.

So that's why I have a white dog when I wear mostly black that's a girl named Schubert. I look forward to having her around for many years to come.

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