Almost Very Nearly There

Yes, it's almost true. My three (four going on five) month spiffing up my home office saga is almost over. Almost. Everything is in place, the desk, the daybed (rather, thinking couch), the blinds, and one shelving unit. I've pared down so much, it looks like a sanitarium in here. Exactly the look I was going for!

There are little things that need to be done, therefore easily ignored and put off, like patching the paint job here and there (started by me and finished correctly by two professional painters), moving cordless drills back to the garage and covering my cheap IKEA Flynt magazine files with oil cloth (Paradise Lace in silver) so they look, like, special.

It's also time to dress the daybed. Yes, I said dress. I read in a home decorating magazine that this is what one does when one cares about one's environment. And because I have a vibe of "don't startle the patient" going on, I'm going to be dressing my bed in all white. The dog will love it. She's the only one who really makes use of my around $800 home office improvement and, being that she's on the skittish side, I'm not surprised she likes hanging around in here.

I do, too.

Pictures to come once I figure out how to stick oil cloth to cardboard. Leaning towards rubber cement or wielding a hot glue gun. Both rife with potential for mishaps.

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