Typing to Impress

I talked to my editor yesterday morning and have the go ahead to work on a rewrite of the manuscript I spent last year typing. Rather, I have the task of rewriting the synopsis, first things first, into something so kick-ass that it doesn't make me look like a flake (too late!) and get her in trouble at work for even entertaining my foolish notions.

See, just because she agrees that there is merit to my pitch, she still has to get her boss to OK yet another switch in manuscripts. Due date is still May, but thee good thing is, time away from it has given me a wonderful thing called perspective and I know I have enough time to do a pretty good job of it.

Now it's more than just 97,263 words to me. It's a story with strengths and weaknesses. I'll have to turn it into a fully cooked, balanced pizza with just enough sauce and cheese on the perfec frozen variety. We all know pizza should be better than that.

Be prepared to see the new Re-Write Chronicles logo because I know that even though I'm really excited, relieved and as close to happy as I can get, I'll be kvetching. It's human nature and I'm almost human on most days. Oh, and I so wish I could type away on a hot pink manual typewriter, but even I don't live that deep in fantasy land.

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