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My flying and writing friend Heather splits her time between L.A. and New York (plus places in between). She was at the Short Hills, NY Barnes & Noble (Queens!) and was kind enough to take this picture of More Than This and Life Over Easy on the shelf, next to Camus (fancy and I'm sure he's really happy about it, wherever he is):

Missing is Underneath It All, though I'm not surprised. It not so pretty cover didn't do anyone any favors, me, my publisher (at the time) and least of all the book itself. I used to fantasize about something grand happening (HUGE sales numbers) and they'd give UIA a nicer cover, but I've let that pipe dream go. It's best to just move on. I consider UIA my first pancake, imperfect but a sincere and enjoyable effort.

As for Life Over Easy, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it's gone into a second edition. Then I realized that was due to so little copies of it being printed in its initial run in October of 2007. LOE is my middle child book. It has had to work really hard to get any sort of attention and maybe someday it'll get the attention it deserves. (Doubt it!)

More Than This has proved to be my best and worst book. Best because it's a genuinely sweet love story and worst because I don't do love stories and people are expecting a book that is somewhat similar but completely original.

Which brings me to where I am right now. I just finished revising the outline for my next book, titles still under consideration. I'd written a 1/4 of it before stopping to think about where I wanted to go before doing anymore typing. I'm feeling lot better about having a semi-firm plan (semi-firm is good for tofu and outlines but not much else) as I go forward.

Which takes me back to last year. I spent 2008 writing a monster 97k manuscript only to have my editor justifiably tell me it was a no go. At the time she gave me the option of revising it but I was beyond burnt out on it. After a few months of distance where I did little writing but lots of thinking, I can see myself revising the sucker. And then there's my pet project told in a first person male voice that I'm hoping to get written and, fingers crossed, sold before I get too old to do this anymore.

So, hurray!...if it all works out I have at least three more books in the pipeline. All I have to do is write them. The covers I'll leave up to the experts in New York.

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