Skirting the Issue

According to the news, I'm not supposed to be shopping but squirreling my pennies away to brace myself for the coming financial armageddon (with a lower case 'a'. When the uppercase armageddon happens, I'll be too busy praying in church to blog). Part of the reason, the experts say, the economy is in the crapper is because people have wised up and realized they don't need to buy as much crap as they had been. I really don't think this is a bad thing especially after a trip to my local Target.

So the kid was gifted, not by me, a dwarf hamster this past Christmas. He finally settled on the name Chuy or rather Chewie. I suggested Chuy because it's a nickname for Jesus (as in the Spanish Hey-soos). The kid agreed to Chewie because that's what rodents do, even rodents that come from a pet store. I got a private kick out of the name mix up and then moved on with my life. Little did I know that a hamster, even a drawf one requires regular sized work when it comes to feeding and cleaning.

Since I wanted to appear supportive--which I wasn't and am still not--of the whole thing, I purchased a sleeping tube for Chewie/Chuy at, yes, Target. This tube came with some brightly colored spun cotton type of material that Chewie/Chuy fell in love with. During the last proper cleaning of his abode, which was done at my insistence, it had to be chucked as it was mixed in with the shredded hamster appropriate bedding and other debris. So I was instructed by the kid to give Chewi/Chuy a baby carrot and go off and buy more spun cotton for his sleeping tube.

So off to Target I went and even though I was taking orders from an 8-year-old, I decided to take my time, make a long slow circle around the store and look at crap that I wanted to look at. Which lead me to the clothing racks and this skirt:

I've been hankering for a denim skirt, having donated the two I had in my closet during my Christmas purge, but each one I found wasn't quite right. Either the slit up the back was too high, rid up or were too bulky because they were patterned after jeans. Bleh.

When I spotted this just A-line enough denim skirt by Merona (Coin Pocket, $19.99) way, way in the back where I hardly ever venture, my heart gave the slightest of leaps and then plummeted back to where it belongs. There were four skirts, two in a size 2, one in an 8 and another in a 10. Feck.

There is another Target, not too far away, but I wasn't about to drive over there hoping they'd have it in a 4 or 6 without nutting up and trying on the 2. So I did and it fit. Now, I'm not trying to brag about fitting into a size 2 because this is a Target/Merona size 2 which means in an alternate universe (Europe and Asia, maybe Canada and Central/South America) it really is a size 6 if not an 8. I plan to wear it until it falls apart and for $19.99, I got a great deal. Which is more than I can say for the rain boots I ordered from when I got home.

I live in Los Angeles, a city not known for having real weather least of all rainy weather. The only reason I even started browsing rubber boots is because the sister is taking a birthday trip to Disneyland this week and rain is in the forecast. I'm well aware a couple days of rain, even real rain, can't justify a pair of rain boots, much less $125 Kate Spade rain boots, but that didn't stop me. As I told the sister, I'm going to buy one pair and only one pair and wear them for the rest of my life. I may as well buy a pair that's worth digging out of the closet when I need them.

Thing is, she says if it's too rainy then the trip to D-land is postponed but I'm keeping the damn boots. After what I saved on the skirt, I've broken almost even. Huh? Exactly!

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Anonymous said...

Is there some special (sexy) reason for wearing denum skirts?