Once Again...

With a brief email, my editor Sulay at Touchstone has given the official go-ahead for Book 4, working title: Good Company. It's still due in May and I hope to use my time wisely enough to allow willing victims time to give it a read before I turn it in to her. At this point, Sulay deserves the best book ever from me. She has been beyond understanding, encouraging and accommodating. In a time when writers are losing contracts, facing even more rejection and having to hustle double time to see anything go into print, I've been beyond lucky.

Luck that comes to an end with this book. Once I turn in Good Company, my two book contract with Touchstone is fulfilled and I face having to sell something in a wretched publishing environment. At the same time, I'm feeling a little relieved to finally be able to focus on doing something completely new and maybe different. Who knows, maybe I'll end up getting a real job and putting this whole book writing thing on the back burner for a while.

Either way, I've started reworking Good Company and instead of wasting time whining about what I'm going to do with my life once May comes around, I'm going to focus on the rewrite. For now, at least, that is my job and I should get my butt in gear and do it.