Not for Nought...

I've been exchanging emails with my editor at Touchstone about what is know around these and those parts as Book 4. I've been toying with the idea of trying my typing skills at a third person past tense narrative. All three of my published novels are in first person present tense. I don't know why, they just turned out this way.

I'm sure there's some agent/editor writer whose blog says a woman writing about women in first person present is the kiss of chick-lit death, but this isn't why I'm toying with third past. I just want to try something different. Which is why I'm trying to sell my poor editor on going with a revised version of the manuscript I spent most of last year writing and then had to shelve. At the time, she gave me the option of giving it another go, but I passed. I wanted to move on and she's understanding that way. But with the news of the bad economy and so on and so forth, that book seem apropos. She hasn't said yes and too bad for her that she didn't say no. We're going to talk on Monday morning and I'm going to have to sell her on it.

I'm going to spend the weekend going through the manuscript, scrubbing the dreck and highlighting where it can (and will!) be better.

Either way, if she goes for it or not, I need to get my writing space in order. I've been searching for just the right desk at the right price. At first I wanted something narrow, around 24", and short to cut down on the space to make clutter and to maximize my floor space. This morning I finally made a trip to Home Depot (twice in one month!) and went to look at hollow core doors.

I've seen too many home decorating shows where they do wonderful things with hollow core doors. I wandered up and down the door aisle and I couldn't make myself see get over the fact that what I was looking at was, yes, a door. A hollow one at that. Slightly dejected, I walked over to check out MDF. I used to watch Trading Spaces (until I got sick of cheap room makeovers that looked cheap) where they used MDF (medium density fiberboard) for everything. So I'd kinda soured on it, thinking it was cheap and my office is already replete with cheap.

Then I remembered. Sarah Richardson, my design goddess, made a either a desk or shelves using MDF and it turned out not at all cheap looking. Sure it's wasn't hand down to the next generation worthy, but it right. What's even better is they, HD, have pre-cut MDF in 2'x4' boards, exactly the size that I'm looking for. After a little more walking around, I found 28" Parsons style legs. The plan is to buy the MDF, legs and trim, use the leftover paint from my office for the desk and be give it all a coat of sealant for shine and protection. Not counting the gallon of sealer, I expect to spend around $40 on desk materials. Give or take because I'll have to go to Starbucks first for a venti soy chai and those ain't cheap.

Aside from a chair (most likely an ikea Henriksdal with a white slipcover and brown-black legs) the only thing I plan to buy are a pair of lamps from West Elm (Square Wood Upright Lamp, $59, left). Not only for light but to take up real estate on the desk (and ikea LACK shelves I painted) to cut down on, yes, clutter. With no room to dump things, my thinking is I'll be forced to put stuff away.

Another project involves wrapping grosgrain ribbon around a lampshade for a floor lamp and then there's still the matter of the window coverings. I've hit upon an idea for making my own and if they work out, I'll post pictures. If it doesn't, we shall never mention the foolish venture again. Agreed?

I can see why people hire decorators or just live like college students. Making your home/work environment nice is a lot of work. But in my mind, all this work will pay off with more typing on my part. Which mean, that I can then turn my attention to the bathroom next to my office. I already have ideas for it.

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