Color Crises

I'm in the home stretch, sort of, with this whole make my office space something new and different project. Behind me is the desk I 'designed' consisting of a 2x4 MDF panel/sheet, four pre-made Parson style legs, and lattice trim to beef of the look of the top of the table itself. (MDF is heavy and I doubt I could have heaved a 1.5" thick piece of it into my hatchback on my own.) All in all, including a quart of polyurethane sealer, the price came to about $70 bucks. A little over my initial estimate but, I'm chuffed to say, I mitered the trim myself at Home Depot. So all in all, it was my first do-it myself project that didn't involve pictogram instructions from IKEA.

Now comes the dilemma of what freaking color to paint it. I'd told myself, at first, that I'd give it a coat of Behr's Silver Screen, like my office wall color then a couple of coats of sealer for shine and protection and be done with it. But yesterday I started thinking, "Orange!" Really. Orange! I even went to the Behr site and investigated which shades of orange were opposite the Silver Screen and Solitude (ceiling color) family. The West Elm daybed frame is in chocolate and while I know I was right not to get it in white (too girly) I definitely know I don't want to match my desk to the frame color. Which really doesn't make sense if I'm thinking of matching my desk to my wall color, but anyway...Orange! on the other hand would work with the daybed and the wall color and would add a big fat pop of color. Thinking a little more clearly about it, I'm not sure I could work on an Orange! desk. The sister said I could give it a try and then start all over with a coat of primer if it doesn't work out which would mean yet more days of living with an uncompleted office and two desks in one space.

Stupid ideas. All I know is that they're keeping me from doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm always slightly high on paint fumes. Which probably explains the whole Orange! thing.

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