Amen, Mary...

Mary Castillo (Switchcraft, Harper Collins, Sept. '07) has done something some of us in the small community of Latina authors have been wanting to do for a while now. She's called Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez on her tendency to go bonkers on other authors. She did it to Stephanie Meyer last summer when her book came out and now she's back on Jennifer Weiner's case. It's all rather yuck. Either way, Mary said it first and she said it better.

Sigh. Now I can get back to blogging about my quest for the perfect pair of of red flats.

02/24/09 Post Script:
Mary has pulled down her original blog because Alisa has pulled her whole blog. I'm going to leave up my contribution to the hubbub because it's over for now and, for what it's worth (not much!), I blogged it. That's the way it goes...and comes back.


Anonymous said...

You should check out
this new article Visibility Matters: The Woman Who Cried "Bisexual" on the lesbian website, calling out Alisa for lying about being bisexual. Apparently she's decided to go bonkers on the entire gay and lesbian community. Bizarre.

Margo Candela said...

I'd sooner go bonkers on the scrapbooking community. A bellicose bunch if there ever was to quilting enthusiasts.