All Together Now...

It's been a long time since I've taken any sort of group fitness class. I've been aerobically flailing about on my own to DVD and MP3 workouts since I canceled my gym membership a couple of years ago. Though I'm fairly close to a couple of gyms, neither of them are worth the drive over, much less the monthly fees.

Thanks to California's community college system, twice a week I'm walking to my local campus for yoga class and it only cost me $32, including various students fee. That breaks down to $1 per class. If I was to take 32 classes at the local yoga studio (which I'd have to drive to and pay parking for), it would set me back $384 . And I'd have to put up with that holier than thou yoga attitude where everyone pretends to be all spiritual and crap but is secretly comparing their yogability to the person two mats over.

The class I'm taking is held in a dance studio, near the music room so we sometimes hear students banging on the piano, but on the plus side there's no stinky incense. I'm also into the refreshing lack of pretension on the teacher and students' part. Most sited stress relief as their main reason for signing up and most have never done yoga before. Me, I'm taking this class purely to get my butt out of my office chair and to reacquaint myself with the finer points of proper alignment. Working out by myself has equaled much leeway in technique and consistency. But since this is an actual class, there is a grade component, including a mid-term and final. For yoga. I know!

I asked the instructor about switching over to auditing since I don't need a C or better to further along my life, academic or otherwise. This was something she had suggested herself and I was only too happy to take her up on the offer. It turns out that while I give up earning a unit (which I don't need) and the pressure of striving for an A in yoga, I only have to pay $15, plus the fees. Which breaks down to...lemme see, $15 for the auditing fee, $11 for health fees and $1 student rep fee....equals $27 and 27 goes into 32...84. It comes down to .84 cents per class. Crazy! I'd boast about it to my fellow students but boasting is very un-yoga like, even at the community college level.

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