Who's To Say?

So the big news around here concerns the woman who gave birth to eight babies. When I first heard the news on the radio, I cringed. Now that I've learned more details, she already has six, SIX, kids at home where she lives with her parents, the whole thing has just devolved into a farce.

People are up in arms and it's proved a topic worthy of talk radio. Who's going to pay for these kids?! How could her doctor treat her for infertility when it was obvious she was already pretty fertile?! Why would anyone want so many children?! Her marital status is unknown, but I don't think it makes much of a difference. Married or not, having 14 kids, at the age of 33 no less, is just...well, not my cup of tea. I was joking with a friend who is in her 30s and our conversation went a little like this:

Me: So that chick has 14 kids now, with the 8 that were born last week, and she's only 33. So what's your excuse?
Her: I'm not a fucking idiot?

True, my friend isn't an idiot and maybe this woman isn't either. But, dang, her judgment is highly suspect. I'm not even going to get into how far her doctor's head was up his/her ass. Where are the ethics, guidelines (dare I say it?) laws governing this industry? This is where the real story is. Either way, I doubt much of anything will come from this whole situation. I mean, how do you market a story like this? Like I said to my friend...

Her: Jon and Kate must be shaking in their boots
Me: I don't think her story is TLC material. It's more in line with one of those cheesy E! investigative shows.

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