Week in Review

It's amazing how little decisions have major impacts.
  • I'm fully exiled from my office. All that's left to do is take down three floating shelves and I can commence with the spackle and trowel. The goal is to get the walls patched and sanded by Sunday.
  • Everyone has an opinion as to what color I should paint. I want to go gray on the walls and white on the trim. But it has to be the perfect shade of gray and a really special white. No one seems to understand why I want gray walls. White trim, everyone gets.
  • I'm waiting for the sample shade swatches (say that five times fast) for the window blinds. Guess what colors I ordered 'em in? Yep, gray and white.
  • A new desk and maybe a new chair set-up will be needed when all is said and done. I'm going for a different kind of feel for my office. More of a writing studio in Paris. Maybe I should keep such thoughts to myself?
  • I'm painting the ceiling and looking for a simple medallion thingie to go around the fan I had installed last summer. This is just a thought. Another one is that the ceiling will look just fine once it's been painted and no adornments will be necessary.
  • The sister is a champion painter, but I'm already leaning on her to give me comments on my first draft of Book 4. There is only so much one person can do.
  • I'm taking a look at a week's worth of writing, doing some minor tweaking and then moving on to the next chapter. A rough word count yesterday put me over the 8k mark. Not bad, not good. I hope to be more productive this coming week.
  • Tonight I'll be seeing Hotel for Dogs with the kid. This is payback for making him come see Bride Wars with me.

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