Say It Ain't So...

The sister has just broken some disturbing news (I went out on a Starbucks run and she beat me to it). Domino magazine, my favorite (and yes, I'm going to type it) shelter magazine is folding. No! Yes, it is. Of all the magazines I get, and I get more than a few, Domino is the only one I keep intact and the only one related to home stuff which I subscribe to. Lucky, it's sister fashion magazine, I can take or leave, but Domino was the special one of the bunch.

The rest I toss after reading, tearing out an interesting story here and there, but Dominos live long and pristine in specially purchased magazine files.

Why? Because the editors and everyone involved in producing the monthly issues epitomized decorative tidiness to the extreme. They always featured a spectrum of styles, balancing out the too girly with the just modern and simple enough. Next to Blueprint (a Martha Stewart magazine that I discovered at the tail end of it's print life), Domino proved to be a useful resource for ideas and my version of printed porn.

Today really sucks and I'm not even taking into consideration Darfur or the fact that celebrities are staying away from Davos.

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