Long Holiday

It's Monday, right? Also, by that same token--it's winter, too? Here in L.A. it's a rather pleasant 80 degrees and the end of a three-day holiday I'm carrying into tomorrow. The kid is due back at school, but that's not the reason we'll be getting out of bed early in the morning. Tomorrow is the first day he'll experience in the 8 years of his life out from under the dim bulb of the Bush regime. (Not that they all were dumb, some quite smart but oh, the stupid things they've done...) I don't expect President Obama to turn water to wine or heal all the nation's woes. Far from it. I'm just glad that maybe things won't suck so bad if only because the person who personifies suck isn't going to be running things anymore.

Maybe that's why I'm redoing my office while in the process of starting a new book? It would be nice to frame it that way. I'm not being stupid by trying to do two things that don't at all compliment each other at the same time. It's all about new beginnings and fresh starts...three weeks into the new year.

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