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My office is no closer becoming inhabitable as I've yet to do any painting and my daybed frame is still mattress-less. Why? Well, I've been writing and I used waiting for the sample of the window blinds as an excuse to put off doing anything to remedy my situation.

I got the square of not-quite-but-will-do-nicely white blind sample and all that's left is for me to brave the Home Depot paint department. I may make a paint chip run, come home and mull over my choices first. There's nothing worse than picking colors on the spot. It's like eating dinner at the mall food court. No matter what you end up with, it's not going to be as good as it looked behind the sneeze guard.

My aim is to work with what I have and purchase next to nothing. Though, it's looking like a new desk and chair may be unavoidable. At least this might make the economy happy. Me? I just want my office back. The only way I'm going to get it back is if I do the work. In my dream world I could hire Sarah Richardson to not only do my office but my whole frickin' house. Not going to happen since she's in Canada and even at the US to Canadian dollar rate, I still couldn't afford her or even one of her assistants. What I can do is take cues from her show, Design, Inc, and try to approximate...and do all the work myself.

Productivity Addendum: Despite the unfriendly to painting weather (it's actually, like, raining in L.A.) I made a quick in-and-out trip to Home Depot. (Hint: Never, ever go to HD on the weekends, especially for paint. It's like purgatory.) I took my time, compared my sample shade swatch, kept in mind the color of my furniture and made my choice.

The top color, Quietude, will be for trim and if I can stomach it, the ceiling. The walls will be in Silver Screen. The blinds are in what calls Newport Snow, which is just a slightly warm white. Color will come in somewhere else. And yes, I'm aware with all the gray and white gray and dark furniture, it's sort of on this side of a nun's room in a cloister. But I'll add in color. I have to or else it'll be like that movie Brazil.

Also, it looks like a new desk and maybe chair will be called for. Right now I'm all about Ikea but more and more, I'm starting to upgrade, if you can call it that, to West Elm. I've spent entirely too much time on the Ikea Hacker blog trying to figure out how to make myself a more petite work surface. Not only to save space but to give me less room to make a mess on. So the initial idea was to buy a Lack side table, around $13, and put it on another base or trestle. At 21 5/8" square, it fits the bill. Say I spent $30 on legs, it would still be a bargain at $43. Then I saw the new Parsons Mini Table (left) on the West Elm site. At 30"w x 24"d, it's the right size and comes with legs and a price tag of $199, plus shipping and tax.

The sister, rightly, pointed out that it's cute. She wasn't so down with my Ikea hacking dreams. And it is cute, but is cute something I can live with for, hopefully, a long time. (I don't feel too bad about sending my current desk off to storage as it only cost me about $60 for the whole set up, minus the chair.)

She's right. I should take my work and workspace a bit more seriously. I mean, if I don't who will? (And by my current ranking it seems not many people are.) So I poked around the West Elm site some more and have sort of fallen into infatuation with the also new Bond Desk in small. It's bigger, 36.5"w x 26"d, and more expensive, $299, plus the shipping, and it's very open. But I like its stick-like legs because they remind me of the kid's. That's sort of weird, right?

So it's open season on desk options and the fate of my Hag Capisco chair, which I purchased with my very first book advance monies, is also not looking too good. (I'm keeping it, of course, but I may be keeping it in the attic.)

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