For whatever reason, I've decided to reconfigure my home office. I'm left with my desk pushed up against the window and my back to the door. Usually I don't even like sitting down to eat with my back to anything but a wall, so I find it odd that I'm OK with it.

I'm waiting for delivery of a West Elm overlapping squares (I like squares) daybed (below) for which I have yet to purchase a mattress for (tomorrow, I promise). I've had to clear off the shelves and move out the reading chair to to make space for it against the one wall where it'll fit. This, of course, has thrown everything else off. Also gone is the sideboard where I stowed my printer, CPU and a bunch of other essential crap. All this stuff, plus the books from my shelves, need some place to go to make room for the daybed which I plan to use as a "thinking couch" and bed for guests and general sleeping, but especially thinking.

I've been dragging around furniture the last couple of days, but nothing will be put in its proper place until the daybed is set up and I can see what I'm working with. All I know is window shades, maybe a new desk and a trip to Ikea will be in order.

Photos to come...

Photo Addendum:

Sort of the same view of the same wall. On the left is a very messy version of what it used to look like before I got the bright idea of doing a slight redesign to multiply the use of my office space.

Everything will be coming off the wall, including my prized framed Prince William stamp sheet and I'll be spackling and repainting the wall to cover the many holes and pencil marks the floating shelves were hiding. No mattress, but I did receive the slats (via UPS) an hour or two after the delivery of the daybed frame. It came already assembled and with a little tipping and maneuvering, it went in with out a nick or bump.

As for the picture on the left, that's where my TV and DVD player have to go. The Spin bike will also be finding a new home. There's only so much one office can handle.

The picture on the right is how my office looked either yesterday or Monday. The bookcase in the right side picture used to reside on the other wall, as in the middle picture. I moved the bookcase back so now there things look like the dismal picture on the left. I'm also on the hunt for simple, clean and easy to use roller shades that will outside mount and cover the molding on the four windows I have to deal with. I'm not a drape person so they have to look nice as well as serve their purpose.

This is going to take much longer than I thought (ordering the shades will take 2-3 weeks once I do figure it out) and then there's the painting and figuring out of wires and such. So I'll be working at the dinning room table until things settle down in here.

Yuck, but it's all going to turn out great! Right?

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Matilda Hayes said...

How's your workspace renovation project doing? And were you able to work on your dining table? Update us soon.