2009 Blog Tour Jan. 08: Caridad Ferrer

It's Barbara Caridad Ferrer's turn today. Doesn't her name sound like that of a 1940's movie star? Anyway, she'll be posting the name of the winner of a signed book of their choice (written by me). So swing by, find out if it's you and read her excerpt of ongoing blog story, Between Here & Gone.

She's giving away copies of both her books, Adios to My Old Life and It's Not About the Accent, along with a handy backpack. Now that's more than worth reading for...

Five: New Year's Eve 1958

"Oye, Nicolito, shh…"

"You worry too much, Natalia. No one's going to find us here."

"You really imagine we're the only ones with this idea?" I pushed at his dinner-jacketed chest, as if to put some respectable distance between us, but not really. Even though it wasn't cold, the damp breeze coming off the ocean reached even this secluded, banana tree-sheltered niche around the side of the Yacht Club and made me grateful for his body's warmth, especially as he pulled me closer, drawing my hands beneath his jacket until they rested against the smooth, strong length of his back.

"No, not the only ones, not by a long shot, Talia. Just the only ones with this idea who know of this particular spot." His hands caressed my shoulders, left bare by the strapless sweetheart bodice of my gown, his fingertips teasing along my collarbone in a way that trapped my breath and whatever protest might be forming, low in my throat. "Mira, have you ever known anyone to find our secret place? Even those crabs we liberated from the kitchen?"

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