2009 Blog Tour Jan. 07: Me

I have no excerpt to share as I just started my next book. Well...What I've done is opened a Word doc and saved it to the folder that soon will be populated with versions upon versions of book 4.

I was going to post a short story I wrote in the one and only creative writing class I took my last semester of college. I even made my poor sister slog through it. When I wrote it, I was so ready to be done with school, and especially the creative writing class, that it turned out to be a fairly negative rant on fictional infidelity. I don't think anyone wants to start their New Year off with a short story about a sobbing wife and an s.o.b. husband, right?

Instead, I decided to share the first act of my screenplay adaptation of More Than This. I hope to be done will a full first draft in the near future and then send it out to a few victims for their take on it.

To read the first act of More Than This, the screenplay version, click on the image below. It'll take you to a much easier to read PDF version.

To win a signed copy of either More Than This, Life Over Easy or Underneath It All answer this question correctly--Which gate number do both Evelyn and Alexander report to at JFK?--then follow the next easy steps.

1. Send your answer via my Contact Page.
2. Include your name and mailing address.
3. Let me know the title which book you'd like to have signed and sent.

The first person to get the correct answer and is a winner! (Provided they also include their name, mailing address and which book they want to have along with their correct answer.) I'll announce who this person is on Caridad Ferrer's blog tomorrow.


Mary Castillo said...

You really captured your story in this screenplay. Good job, dude. I can see Anne Hathaway as Ellen. Who would you cast as Alex, and would he have to audition with you? (Wink wink!)


Mrs. V said...

It was fun reading your screenplay excerpt. I always love to see different versions of representing the same plot. I can't wait to read the novel version, and hopefully see the screenplay in the near future:)

Zulmara said...

Left a comment on the contact page...not sure why it did not show up here...



Margo Candela said...

Thanks for the kind words, ladies! It's a first draft of the first act, I have lots and lots of typing ahead of me. Too bad typing doesn't count as an aerobic activity.