2009 Blog Tour Jan. 05: Mary Castillo

Mary Castillo has a real treat for everyone on her blog tour day. She's spotlighting burlesque performer La Cholita. It's a great read with great pictures to go along with it.

Introducing La Cholita

She lives on a quiet street in one of those indefinable parts of L.A., wedged between Hollywood and Silverlake. It took me two tries to find the address she'd texted me and just like a man, I was forced to call for directions. On the phone, La Cholita spoke with a youthful enthusiasm – not with an Eartha Kitt growl or a Mae West purr that one might expect upon seeing her photos.

When Cholita opened her front door, I was surprised to see that she wasn't much taller than me. "You're so tiny," I couldn't help but exclaim. She threw open her arms and she gave me a tight hug as if we were best friends who hadn't seen each other since high school. She laughed. "I know. Everyone says that."

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