2009 Blog Tour Jan. 03: Julia Amante

Julia Amante is giving us a sneak peek at book Evenings at the Argentine Club (Grand Central Publishing, Sept. '09). Visit her to find out who the winner is from Jamie Martinez Wood's contest and for a chance to win a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card.


To every Argentine Immigrant, July 9 is a day that brings back memories of family celebrations centered around food, wine, and heart pounding renditions of the national anthem playing on every radio and TV across the nation. July 9 is Independence Day. A day of freedom and liberty and new beginnings. But to those Argentines living in America it’s also a day to admit with a fair amount of guilt that they chose to give up their old life for the intangible, unexplainable dream of . . . something better.

Victoria Torres couldn’t say she understood what it felt like to leave behind everything one had ever known for something new. Leave parents, siblings, friends, an entire way of life to live among strangers who spoke differently than you, and believed in values that were foreign from those you grew up with. To do something of that magnitude took a sort of internal strength that she lacked. When she thought of immigrants and their decisions to leave their homes, she figured life had to either be so bleak in their own countries or dreams had to be so immense that they were willing to risk everything just for the hope of a little magic – a chance to change destiny.

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