2009 Blog Tour Jan. 02: Jamie Martinez Wood

Jamie Martinez Wood is excerpting from her novel The Making off a Xicana Goddess. Now all you have to do is read the excerpt, answer a question and swing by Julia Amante's blog tomorrow to find out if you're a winner. As a prize, Jamie is giving the winner a choice of a signed copy of one of her seven books.

Release the Butterfly

On the first weekend she didn't have custody of her son Keegan, Abby Moreno-Smith had no idea what to do with herself. Should she watch a movie? Go out to dinner? Sleep? Clean the house? Call her best friend Eva? Be alone? Work on her pottery? There were some postcards she could stick labels on to let people know about the next show. Maybe she should do that. She could put away the Christmas decorations or make a collage for the New Year.

Abby walked into her bedroom and smiled. She had only been in the Rock House, as an artist-in-residence, for a couple of days, but already she loved her new room. She loved that the color theme was warm terracotta to pumpkin to wine to coral. It was no wonder with all that first and second chakra work going on - a.k.a. security, sexuality and creativity. Still it's another thing for Abby to see it everywhere she looked.

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