Page and Half Short...

Finished! My screenwriting instructor gave us a 18-35 page window for the drafts of our first acts. Mine came in at 34 with wiggle room. Considering that I'm working with two concurrent narratives/main characters, I should have gotten a lot closer if not gone over. I turn it in tomorrow, along with a tweaked version of the outline for my development class even though I'm not sure what the development teacher expects us to turn in. Whatever. At least I won't show up empty handed.

I kept things sparse, as instructed, and hopefully I did an OK job. I'm not a grade monger, I just want to get a decent draft in shape to submit to my manager. He said it would make placing the film rights for More Than This (Touchstone, Aug. 08) a lot easier. Either way, if MTT ever does get made into a movie, it's going to get rewritten any number times. And that's OK with me. Really! This whole screenwriting thing is its own little monster. By comparison, publishing is almost genteel. And this is coming from someone who writes purely commercial stuff.

As for my next novel, still waiting for notes from my editor on my proposal. When she does, I'll get started in January or, if I take the winter intensive screenwriting course, in February. What I do know is that I plan to just read, read, read whatever I want for the rest of December.

Oh, Reyna Grande asked me to come along for a presentation she had to make for her MFA degree. She went over the ins-and-outs of what happens once a book contract signed and then invited me up front to take questions from students.

It was interesting to be in an environment where the only focus is writing and to surrounded by so much nervous energy. I'm glad no one asked me if I had an MFA because I would have had to admit I don't and I doubt it would have helped me get published. The work is in the writing and the rewriting and for that you just need strong wrists. Oh, and talent. Plus, a good concept, timing and luck topped off with an unhealthy dose of perseverence.

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