The End Is Near...

I have two, 2!, class days to go and then I'm done...or am I? Today my screenwriting teacher announced that those of us who are interested in working through entire drafts could sign up for his short and intense winter session.


I was planning on taking a step aerobics class during that time and then quietly ending my adventure in formal eduction. My manger, who is trying to place the lit rights to More Than This and currently shopping around my young adult novel proposal, said if I were to write a screenplay adaptation for MTT, it would make things a whole lot easier. And since writing a screenplay is not easy, I'd be a fool to not take my instructor up on his offer a little more hand holding.

So what does this mean? Yeah, I think we both know what it means. Instead of welcoming February with amazing muscle tone, I'll be spending it sitting on my butt, hunched over my keyboard trying to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Sort of like I am now.

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