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Just got the news that More Than This (Touchstone, Aug. '08) has been picked as one of the year's best book by Marcela Landres. Marcela publishes The Latinidad List every year in her E-zine and More Than This made the cut as the best Chick Lit book of 2008.

Hurray! (If you want to buy a copy visit the link list to your right or click on the image to read a bit more about it. More Than This makes a great Christmas gift. Really! If I hadn't already forced one on all my friends and family members, it's what I'd be giving this year.)

Some years back (late 2002?) I flew all the way to New York with a toddler in tow to hear Marcela talk about publishing. She'd expressed interest in my idea, Confessions of a Reformed Serial Homewrecker which became Underneath It All (Kensington, Jan. '08), and I figured I had nothing to lose but a long weekend in Manhattan. Marcela, who was then with Simon & Schuster, gave a roomful of hopefuls the nitty-gritty on what we had to do if we really wanted to get published. She told us we had to write, write well and finish the whole damn thing before querying agents or editors. Most of all, she said we'd have to take writing seriously and not treat it as a hobby.

This all made sense to me and I returned to San Francisco determined to make the most of what writing time I could find. It took me longer than I wanted as I was a caring for the kid full-time, but by the the time he went off to pre-school at age 3, I was ready to get cracking. Unfortunately, Marcela left Simon & Schuster to become an editorial consultant just as I was finishing a draft of Homewrecker. Shucks is not the word I used when I got her email but I soldiered on as I knew she'd want me to and since then I've gone on to publish three books.

It's an honor to have garnered a place on her list. Most sincerely! Now I can finally say I've won a real something and can finally retire my second place finish in a Krispy Kreme pyramid doughnut building contest as the pinnacle of my endeavors.

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Skydoll said...

WOO-HOO! Congratulations! Lunch is on me. I'll call you