Writing Wounded

Last Thursday, after a dose of yoga combined with pilates, I was in the shower (calm down, this is as sexy as it gets) and something went "ping!" in my left shoulder. It was (is) either a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle and it has been making my life not so fun since then.

So much not so fun, that I went to see Dr. Z after a lapse in my pricks sessions. She'd moved clinics since then and, lucky for me, it was on my way home from an errand I was running. I pulled into the parking lot just as she was and we were both very glad to see each other. She opened the door to her new clinic only for us to come face to face with a furry cat. It was not her cat. She sort of freaked out (she doesn't like cats, but cats like her) and said "Please get cat!" So I grabbed it, read the tag and called the owner (who was also frantic). Long story short, the guy broke all sorts of traffic laws and was almost as happy to have his cat back as Dr. Z was to have the cat out of her place of business.

Once that was all taken care of, I listed my complaints to Dr. Z she stuck needles on my left side, let me stew and then plucked them out. We'd once talked about cupping but Dr. Z said it was for "big pain" and I'd made sure to mention "big pain" as one of my complaints.

Cupping, it turns out, is a whole 'nother level of therapeutic discomfort since intense concentrated suction and heat are involved. As she was moving the cups around Dr. Z said it was important not to let them stay too long in one spot because they cause "herpes." Herpes! Turns out she meant hickeys. And, yeah, I do have a back full of perfectly round hickeys. Therapeutic hickeys, if you will. It hurt, in a good way but my shoulder and neck do feel better and now I have no excuse for the lack of typing in my life.


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