These Boots Were Paid For By Typing

I've been surprisingly productive lately and especially committed to things like working out first thing in the morning and not eating after 7 at night. I'm no scientist, but one thing has built on the other and things are going swimmingly (my shoulder ache not withstanding).

Either way, I've sent off the proposal for my next book (working title: The Make-Up Artist) to my editor the day after Thanksgiving. By all rights I should either be at the mall caught up in a frenzy of bargain shopping or sitting in front of the TV balancing a plate of leftovers on my belly. But no! I've been typing and typing and now all there is left to do is wait and hope. In the world according to me, this means I should get a reward and for me that means boots.

I just pushed the button on a pair of La Canadienne Stella boots in charcoal suede (retail 329.95, on sale at for $251.70.) Yes, there are many reasons why I shouldn't get them. Los Angeles isn't really boot friendly as it never gets cold enough to wear them, especially suede boots, and, yep, I know how horrible economy is. But these boots are an investment in not only in quality footwear I'll keep for a long time but in me.

When it comes down to it, me buying a pair of boots I'll rarely get to wear but will enjoy wearing when I do isn't going to cause us to go into foreclosure and we were planning on cutting back on Christmas gifts for the kid anyway. In times like these, stupidity, selfishness and materialism is relative. And I have relatives who are way more stupid, selfish and materialistic than I'll ever be and they don't read my blog, so there.

OK, honestly, I should have waited on the boots until hearing back from my editor with a yes (it's all about being positive at this point). Just because I worked hard on the proposal and am excited about the possibilities, it doesn't mean it'll get accepted. Things are bleak, especially so in the publishing world. (When aren't they?) If worse comes to reality, I'll be applying for jobs in my boots. If you think about it, that's kind of funny.


GirlonTour said...

Haha I love hearing your self talk justification on the boots...I agree they are an investment in you.

Shhh I have just bought two pairs myself....loving the flat boots.

Margo Candela said...

I just hope they don't make me look stumpy. A very real danger with the flat heel. If they do, sadly, they'll have to go back. I can justify buying the boots easy, but won't be able to rationalize keeping them if they make me look as short as I really am.

Skydoll said...

So I'm reading this great book called LIFE OVER EASY, by the amazing Margo, and I can not believe the woman who complains about cooking spent so much time writing about cooking, and what I find even more unbelievable is that you have a salsa recipe in the book that includes almonds. ALMONDS? Really? I'm thinking about trying it. BTW, LOE is really good, big time movie potential. Where are the movie producers?

Margo Candela said...

Writing about cooking and cooking in reality are two very different things. I must caution you about the almond salsa--it is delicious, but looks like pretty vomit. Or that's what it should look like if you get it right. My mother makes it with a pinch of this, a handful of the other and so on and so forth. I should tape her while she does it because the actual recipe will never get written down. Happy to hear you're enjoying LOE. Lunch soon?

Skydoll said...

made the salsa - YUMMY! Then I added a few other things and ruined it. So now I'll have to make it again and this time I will leave it as is! Can't wait to see what other recipes are in LOE. The book makes me hungry. Makes me want to come to your house for dinner. :)

Margo Candela said...

You did it? Brave woman. The one time I tried it, I kept my mom on the phone the whole time. When I was typing it up for the book, I did the same thing so I'm glad to hear it almost worked out. Totally, come over, but it's my mom who'll do the cooking.