Talk, Talk, Talk

Have you ever wondered what I sound like when I, like, talk? Have you been itching to ask me something about one of my books? Well, here's your chance! I'll be a guest on Olivia Wilder's talk show, via blogtalkradio on Thursday, Nov. 6 starting at 6:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time. I have no idea what she's going to ask me, but from listening to her other programs, it's going to be fun!

Oh, and just because...One of the nice folks from the event I did with Jamie Martinez Wood and Reyna Grande at the Museum of Latin American Art, or MoLAA, in Long Beach sent along a picture she snapped of all three of us, below.

You might be asking yourself, what am I wearing? It's the infamous J.C. Penny dress I got in January and was going to wear to a party until I chickened out. I ended up wearing a boring and ill-fitting black one I purchased in desperation only hours before. As soon as I got home, from New York because that's where the party was, I gave the black dress to the sister who is taller and the right size for it and I put the colorful dress back into my closet.

So why pull out the JCP dress now, after all that time? I actually have a plausible reason.

Myself, Jamie, Reyna and Mary Castillo had done a panel at the Signal Hill Library a couple of days before and Jamie remarked how we'd all gone dressed in somber, solid colors. I felt really bad because I wore the same thing I'd shlepped around in all day, skinny black pants and a depressing gray v-neck sweater. So I promised her, I'd try a lot harder for the MoLAA event and, sadly some might say, this is what I look like when I do.

But damn, that dress is obnoxious, in a good way. I can't wait until I have a reason to wear it again.


Skydoll said...

You look hot! You all do! Personally, I can't believe that's a JCP dress. Perhaps I need to go to JCP. :) I need a complete makeover. I like the dress a lot. In fact, if you pair it with knee high boots, wear a scarf, add a cute hat and a pair of gloves, you could be a retro flight attendant for halloween next year. :) Hey, that's a compliment. Are you nervous about the radio show? I'd be so scared.

Margo Candela said...

Huh, weird, blogger ate my initial comment. So if it pops up later, ignore it.

Either way, Heather, I'll totally lend you the dress for Halloween or otherwise. But wouldn't it be cheating to dress up as a FA since you are one? My sister was trying to get me to dress up as Katie Holmes because we both have (had in my case) the same sad haircut and are crying out for help with our eyes...which is why we always wear sunglasses. Ha! Either way, I dressed up as a writer for Halloween, horrible sweater I wouldn't even walk the dog in, comfy pants with plenty of stretched out stretch and grubby slippers.