My, What Tired Eyes You Have...

I like to sleep. I think it's a fairly essential human activity. When I was in school I always made a point of calling it a day no later than 11:30pm even when I had a big project due or huge test the next day. It didn't matter if I'd finished my work or studied everything I was supposed to. The clock read 11:30 and was bed time as far as I was concerned.

Of course, it didn't mean I would actually sleep and awake refreshed at a decent hour. If anything I would get less sleep because I would lie awake thinking about the work I didn't get done or the chapters I still had to review. But I forced myself to stay in bed, angry at myself for not sleeping. I like to sleep. Sleeping is fun. Everyone should sleep more and there was no way I was going to cheat myself out of sleeping by not.

With age comes wisdom or at least my version of it.

Last night, rather this morning a little after 4, I climbed out of bed, got dressed in the dark (albeit in my yoga gear), crept into my office, fired up my computer and wrote enough to let my mind get a grip so I could just stop thinking about, well, writing.

I've been worrying about writing for the last few months even though I haven't done much of it. (Sorry, but blogging doesn't count.) Mostly it's been a series of false starts that end as soon as I find any excuse to get away from my keyboard. The more I think about writing, the more impossible it seems to be able to do. There are so many things to worry about. Character arcs, sub-plots, themes, etc. I've even started to empty the dishwasher and fill it, just to have something far away from my computer to do.

My screenwriting and development instructors are expecting me to turn my final projects in a few weeks from now. I have write a pitch and treatment, eight sequence outline and the actual script for More Than This and a lot more stuff I'm sure I'm pretending to forget. Then there's the synopsis/outline my editor expects the first week of December for The Make-Up Artist and I just got an email from my manager guy telling me he likes my YA proposal and wants to submit it to editors. I don't know about you, but that seems like a whole lot of writing that needs to get done.

Looks like me and 4am are going to be getting better acquainted in the coming days.

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