Today is Tuesday...

...and you know what that means? Uh, not much other than I have a day off between classes and should get started on my 22 page mid-term and, oh, yeah, announce the winner of the "Win a Free Copy of Life Over Easy Super Easy Contest." And that would be Yan from Philadelphia!

Thanks to all who entered. Yan, you should be getting your book as soon as I drag myself to the post office...then allow for travel time from my coast to yours.

As for my mid-term, it's for my development class and, yeah, it's 22 pages. But those are one sided and the instructor allowed space for us to actually write on the pages. Since it's a take-home (he's not insane), he says it's OK to type it up on Word (or whatever program), he just asked that we restate the question. I'm thinking he'll take points off if we don't. I would. Either way, I'd rather do a little extra typing than writing by hand any day. My penmanship is atrocious, always was, but now it causes me physical pain since I'm not used to manipulating a pen for more than a few seconds at a time. Sad, but not really.

I'm still waiting to hear from my agent (Edit: I meant editor. Technically I don't still don't have an agent but am working with a manager to sell film rights to More Than This) about whether my replacement book proposal is going to fly over at Touchstone Fireside. If she says, "eh, no" I have another idea, but I'm not going to mention it unless I have to since I don't want to muddy already muddied waters.

Since there's no reason to keep what I'm hoping to work on a secret here's my concept:

After an earthquake destroys his overpriced Los Angeles apartment, David finds himself back in his parents’ house with the same dead end life he was living before his world was all shook up.

My working title is and has always been Hard Up since that's what David is, for love, money and a purpose in life. I've learned not to become to attached to my titles since they tend to get changed. Usually for the better, but I like Hard Up. Hopefully, my editor and her bosses will too. If not, like I said, it's on to the next idea.


Yan said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait for it to arrive =D

Margo Candela said...

Yan! Just mailed it off an hour or so ago. It'll arrive in a plain brown wrapper so you might have some explaining to do to your mail carrier. Just kidding. It's in a manila envelop with my promo sticker on the front. Enjoy!