Life's Little Pleasures...

The other day I scored a Xanax from a "friend" who has recently gone on the stuff to deal with all sorts of life and economy related anxiety. I popped the thing whole and within a few minutes realized I should have halved it. Man, I was all floaty and loopy, feeling no pain. Lucky for me (and others) it was at the tail end of a get-together so I didn't make too much of an ass of myself. (Other than announcing "Man, I'm feeling really loopy" at regular intervals.)

Even though I was pretty knocked out for a couple of hours and spent the rest of my night pleasantly relaxed, I still had to get up the next day and face life. Maybe it was residual Xanax in my bloodstream, but reality didn't seem so anxiety inducing. Yeah, things still really suck (on so many levels) but that doesn't mean I can't find some small comforts in life. Right?

So here is my modest list of things that are making it easier to get through my day...without Xanax.

1. David Elsewhere. I watch this clip time and time again. Just hearing people cheer and scream at a rather dorky looking guy in an orange sweater as he blows them away with his dancing is worth the download time.

2. The MTT "Movie." Not only do I like it because my nephew made it for me, but because it features some of my favorite tunes from one of my Putamayo CDs (French Cafe).

3. A Perfect Pair of Pants. Well, I'm not sure these J. Crew jersey knit pants are, but they're priced right, $98, have the detail I'm looking for (jodhpur-ish yoke at the knee) and have a 30" inseam which means they'll fall exactly where I want them to. The fact that they won't be available until the 25th is also OK with me since summer has finally decided to pay a visit to Los Angeles.

So I was innocently checking one of my email accounts, the one I use for shopping and such, and came upon an offer from J.Crew for 20% off in-store or online until Monday. Thing is, I had to rack up $175 in charges (before shipping and handling, which aren't cheap) before I could apply the promo code. Being that times demand the mulling over of impulse purchases, I called around to the nearest location and was told my best bet was to order them online and so I did. Two of them. Hey, if the economy is tanking, it's not because of me.

4. The Power of a Pill. I'd never, ever, even considered taking Midol, but made due with Tylenol, Motrin or whatever was in the medicine cabinet when I needed a little help getting through one of those days. On a lark, a couple of cycles ago, I picked up a bottle of Midol at Target and am now a hardcore convert. I even take it when I don't have to. Is that bad? I don't care! Midol is now my friend until menopause.

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