I'm Going as Joan

By the way, I have an event tonight at Libreria Martinez (1110 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA) starting at 7 where I'll be sharing a table with Mary Castillo, Sandra Lopez and Jamie Martinez Woods. And since it's the day before Halloween I just got the brilliant idea of going in costume. No sexy kitten or bitchy witch for me. Nope. I'm going to channel Joan Holloway from Mad Men down to a pair of kitten heel pumps I rarely have a reason to wear.

From the picture, you can tell there are many difference between myself and Joan that even winged eyeliner won't overcome. And it will take some effort to force my hair into some sort of style (I'm getting my haircut tweaked tomorrow as I'm at a loss for what do with it in real life). But I've purchased a head band and a can of hairspray and I'm willing to give it my best. Rack wise, though, I think I'm safe.

Hopefully, Joan will be proud.

Edit: As promised, here is a picture of my Joan inspired effort. I actually combed my hair. Like for five or so minutes. The dress on the other hand was not only very Joan, but from Target and I'll be wearing it again since it's very simple and polished. And, yeah, I had to tell people that I was dressed up at Joan and this was not how I normally look.

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