And Now For the News...

...and like most it's a mixture of good and not so good. I'll start with the latter.

My editor (Sulay at Touchstone) and I had a heart-to-heart and have come to the conclusion that the manuscript I turned into her a month ago, How Can I Tell You?, though not quite dead on arrival is on serious life support. She left it up to me as to whether I wanted to pull the plug or do some intensive surgery to try and save it. It took me all of a few seconds to scream, "Pull it!" So there won't be a new book next summer or even next fall, but there will be a new book and it won't be HCITY. We both agreed there a parts that can be salvaged, but as a whole it didn't resonate for me or her. I just need to let the story and characters stew for a while before I'm ready to delve into it again.

Now what?

Exactly the question that's been keeping me up at night and one, I hope, I have the answer to. See, there's this other idea that I've been living with for a while now. It's more of the voice she's looking for and more of the story I'm ready to tell at this moment in my life. Lucky for me, my editor, who has an open mind and huge heart, is more than game to let me try and wow her with it. So that's what I'll be concentrating on, getting it in shape for submission and then dealing with the tweaking of the contract to reflect all these to-dos.

The first was not good news, the second better news and the third is certifiably good. More Than This (Touchstone, August '08) has gone into reprint! Heartened by the steady, if low key, sales to date, 1,500 more copies of More Than This will be unleashed onto the world. If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you now have 1,500 more chances to do so.

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