What's Next?

I'm almost ready to commit to my next project. After giving myself three weeks of so of pressure free time in front of my computer, I'm starting to realize that I should be doing something productive.

Right now I'm reading Reyna Grande's next manuscript and I've promised to get it back to her by the end of September. She did me the enormous favor of reading my in perpetual revision manuscript (The Neapolitan Sisters) and I think/hope that this time the revision will take. My goal is to get it done by November. I also have a few assignments for school that will take a lot of time, energy and if I do a good enough job may actually go somewhere. Along with all that, I'm eagerly (not really) waiting for notes from my editor on How Can I Tell You (Touchstone, Summer '09) and going through the rest of the editing process with her.

So I do have things to do, it's just a matter of getting them done.

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