Week Two: Attitude Adjustment

I've whittled down my student status from three-quarter to half. Or, if you're into numbers, from 9 to 6 with 12 units considered full time. Make sense? Well, it didn't make sense to me either.

In my defense, I had rock solid reasons for dropping the one class I did. I'd forgotten how taxing using one's brain is, especially when it comes to acquiring new skills. And, I realized, I was on my way to doing a half-assed job in three classes when only two were what I need and can handle in my life right now. The hope is that my two remaining classes--screenwriting and creative development--bump up my writing skills and expand my opportunities.

To do that I need the time and energy to fully exploit the possibilities.

I didn't want to drop the Tues/Thurs class but I knew by the second meeting, it wasn't the class for me. Wrong time and wrong teacher. As someone who has taught a class before (once and only once), I know how sucky it feels to have someone drop it. But I'm too old to compromise and sit there for the next 16 weeks because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Either I'm going to do something because it's worth it or why bother? This, I think, shows great maturity (finally!) on my part. I was able to evaluate my needs and what the instructor was able to provide and said, "No, thanks. I'll be moving on." (If only I'd taken this tact when I was a dating gal.)

I may try again next semester or I may not. Who knows where I'll be by then?

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