Week One: First Impressions

I survived my first day back at school with only a couple of pieces of sugarless gum to see me through 4 hours of lecture--two different classes, back-to-back. The most I had to do was introduce myself and give the title of one of my favorite movies which also happens to be one of my favorite books--Election. My Tuesday/Thursday class did not start off so well, the instructor sort of didn't show up. If I show up on Thursday and this person doesn't, I'm going to be very pissed off...even though the room the class is held in is nice to read in. (I devoured Tana French's In The Woods and was so impressed and engrossed that I purchased her follow-up, The Likeness, in hardback. Hardback, people.)

One thing I forgot about school...you actually have to, like, do stuff and get graded on it. (After reading what that Kirkus reviewer typed about MTT, pouting over it for a couple of hours and then resuming life as usual, I think I'm prepared for criticism.) Assignments are heavy on reading with some collaborative writing and brainstorming. I'm a champion reader, looking forward to not writing alone (for the most part) and I enjoy the spontaneous eruption of ideas.

All in all, I'll get a lot out of the next 16 weeks, learn stuff I've always been curious about and in the end, I hope it makes me a better writer.

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