Student Aides

Now that I'm waiting for my editor to get back to me with notes on How Can I Tell You (Summer '09), I've been slacking when it comes to the novel part of my life.

Yes, I haven't started a new one and have only poked at the couple of projects that I should be resuscitating. What I've learned is it's all about time management, people. That and having the right doodads and thingamabobs to make plodding through the day that much easier.

No Chaps:
Kiehl's Blackberry lip gloss, $14.50, is the perfect shade. It has surpassed my love for Lorac's sheer Demi which is no longer made and I've had to make due with Just Kissed. K Bb is what I'll be sporting on my mug for evermore. I'm very monogamous when it comes to lip products, especially if they have color in them. A little caveat, though, it goes on a bit messy. It's not a swipe on the run kind of thing as say a balm in stick form would be. If Kiehl's were to make one, I would buy bulk.

Key to Comfort:

I'm due for a new round of pricks (my accupunturist Dr. Z was out of town but is back with her needles at the ready) to deal with the abuse I put my body through. As if on cue, my left wrist has started to tingle and ache, not in a good way. What's kept it from fully flaring up is my consistent use of Imak Computer Gloves, around $12 for a single one. They look stupid on, yes, but the cushion my wrists and since I tend to rest my left on the edge of my desk when I mouse, I need all the cushioning I can get.

Walk Hard:
I have a car, I have a parking pass, but I've found that I can walk to school a lot faster than it would take me to drive there. The only draw back is I've found that most of my shoes are not walking too much friendly. I've been scouting about for the perfect pair of shoes that look nice and make sense to walk in. These Clark's Demure ballet flats, $84ish, look cute and don't mind getting dirty on the pavement.

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