Mark Your Calendars

At the Las Comadres & Friends Borders Book Club meeting last week in Pasadena I was lucky enough to meet Azucena and get a look at the 2009 calendar she's put together. Now, I'm not into the cutesy stuff or animals, but her Ay Chihuahua calendar which she produced all on her own and with her own money, made me laugh so hard that I right out volunteered to plug it on my blog.

So stock up for gifts and for yourself! Read on to find out more about the star of the calendar and greeting card series, El Guero...

He's not from Beverly Hills but El Guero, born in East L.A., is a hot Chihuahua star in his own right. Guero is celebrating the release of his 2009 Ay Chihuahua Calendar to coincide with the premiere of the new Disney Chihuahua movie. The calendar features photographs of El Guero as an Aztec prince, a mariachi, a lucha libre wrestler and many more attention-grabbing characters. Every month of the calendar highlights an amusing personality. The Ay Chihuahua Calendar makes a great holiday gift for kids of all ages. You won't want to be without one. Go to to order your calendar today.
El Guero was born in East Los Angeles California on July 6, 2004. Because his ancestors are from Mexico, he's a Mexican-American Chihuahua. Guero is fluent in English, Spanish and doggie talk. He loves to play with children and is a very loving and affectionate dog. He loves to travel and meet new people. Guero's favorite pastime is to sit on people's laps and be caressed. In Mexico, when someone is fair-skinned they are lovingly nicknamed Guero/a, thus his name.
Guero is currently engaged in training and acting classes in hopes to be cast in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua sequel. His dream is to train with dog whisperer Cesar Milan.

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