Brain on Cruise Control

Operation Cruel Pants continues in earnest. I've downgraded my soy chai (iced or hot) from a venti to a grande and have been taking it easy on the snacking. What I've realized is that just because I can eat whatever I want, it doesn't mean I should. Not if I want to wear a pair of Vince knit riding pants with a straight face. Also, there is the little matter of a end of month trip to a Mexican resort where bikinis and bathing suits will be called for.

So I've changed up my workout routine to include a mix of cardio (in the form of 35-45 gasping minutes on my bike), stretching and toning using an array of DVDs and itrain workouts and not taking any short cuts. I expect to see results. I'm not giving up 4 oz of chai for nothing. Also, I'd like to upgrad from, sorry, girly, push ups to the real thing. Goal for this month? Eat better, workout consistantly and manage my time to include school, reading and writing. Oh, and all the other stuff that go along with my life.

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