Sunny Outfit for a Cloudy Day

Dressing made easy with five cheerful pieces...

My wardrobe is due for a good purging (bye bye sad t-shirts and droopy jeans) and attitude overhaul. Just like me! (Except for the purging part--I don't vomit unless forced to by circumstances out of my control.)

I work from home and dress like it, but that shouldn't mean I dress sloppy, if a little boring. What I need is a bit of color especially when the weather outside is one solid shade of blah.

I actually don't mind the rain except for when it comes to walking the dog. Walking the dog in the rain sucks for everyone which is why the poor thing has to wait until it's not...which means we spend a good part of the day looking out the window trying to gauge when it'll be safe to go outside.

My basic dressing tenants shall always remain the same: anything I buy must be easy to wear and care for and should be able to go with other things I either have or plan to acquire. Hence...

Tee: OK, I admit it. There is nothing adventurous about another long sleeved t-shirt. But so what? It's not like anyone is going to take my picture as I walk the dog or drop the kid off at school before rushing off to nowhere in particular. This tee from J. Crew in Champagne ($24.50) has the added plus that it's not basic boring white (which I'd probably pick up at the same time) and it plays off well with the gray/grey and yellow of the rest of the outfit. Plus, when it gets all beat up, I can sleep in it which always ends up happening with me and my tees.

Pants: Just like a gal who can't quit a bad but enjoyable habit, I always come running back to Old Navy. If they're having business problems, it's not because of me. I practically live in-store and on the site. And since they're size 6 regular inseam pants usually fit me without tears, tugging or hemming, I know I'll be happy with a pair of mid-rise Sateen Trousers in Stone Gray ($32.50). Though, I admit, I'll probably end up fusing the side slit pockets closed so there isn't any of that weird gaping at the hips.

Sweater: I love sweaters! They're my favorite member of the clothes family. I almost wish I lived in San Francisco again so I could wear them more often. But since I'm back in Los Angeles (where I've always belonged) I can only break them out in the most appropriate of weather. This means I want to make sure my sweaters are extra-special and worth the wait. What could be more perfect than a not too heavy sweater coat? This grey Lion Gate sweater from Anthroplogie, $148, has a cute but not juvenile neckline and big, but not too big, wood buttons. And though I'd never haul up the hoodie, I appreciate that it's there.

Shoes: There's no point in pretending these Delman Work-V velvet ballet flats trimmed in grosgrain ribbon are anything but cheerful and very yellow, or Curry as they're officially termed on At $249 they're also expensive, but this will just insure that I don't go out and buy a whole mess of yellow (or curry) shoes and just appreciate the one pair I do get.

Tote: Without any pant pockets to stash essentials (yeah, like anything would even fit), an Orla Kiely PVC coated cotton bag is in order. True, I don't need another tote, bag or purse but when has that ever stopped me? There are too many to choose from but since I'm buying to compliment this outfit (and looking for something fairly neutral), the Boulevard hold all in Spruce, $178, is on my growing short list of things I'd like to have.

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